Love comes in all sizes - and shapes, colors, and ages for that matter. And we want everyone to know it! So for the rest of the month of March, Southern Pines Animal Shelter is participating in the "Love comes in all sizes" adoption special hosted by our network partner, Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network. Please come out this month and find your new best friend! We'll be offering half price adoption fees on 27 of our sweet pups ranging from the smallest to the largest, so everyone can find a perfect match! Help us save more lives than ever before by adopting and spreading the word today!

Pre-Order a Southern Pines Animal Shelter License Plate!

Southern Pines is in the process of pre-selling specialty car tags! Please click here for more information, answers to frequently asked questions, online ordering, and a printable form.

The results are in, and we are so honored and grateful to have such an amazing and supportive community. Southern Pines has been voted Best Non-Profit for the Festival South Best of the Pinebelt. Volunteer, Dorothy Ricks, was voted Best Vol
unteer and the Southern Pines Pet Photography Project has been voted Best Unsung Behind the Scenester. We thank you for your support, and are excited to continue making a difference for animals in need during our ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge. We hope you'll join us this summer in saving 1500 lives! Thank you again for all of your support!

SPAS Pet Photography Project

The SPAS Pet Photography Project consists of amateur and professional photographers supporting Southern Pines Animal Shelter. It is supported by local amateur and professional photographers who are dedicated to finding homes for the animals displayed.

The 4th Annual Fur Ball is Approaching 

The 4th annual Fur Ball is quickly approaching. We hope you'll join us on Friday, April 10th for our biggest fundraiser of the year. There will be great music, good food, and lots of auction items. Tickets are $50 for 1 ticket or $85 for 2 tickets. For online ticket orders, guests will receive an email confirmation and then will have their name on the “Will Call” list at the door of the event. You can order tickets online by clicking here!

Winter is Here - Please Protect Your Pets

Friends don't let friends freeze! The next few days are going to bring extremely cold weather to our area. The safest place for your pets is inside where it is warm, even if they are used to spending time outside. Pets that do stay outside,
 at the very least need adequate shelter and shielding to protect them from the cold and wind. If you see animals tied out without shelter, you can call local law enforcement. MS statute 97-41-16 requires adequate shelter for dogs and cats. Not providing shelter is a misdemeanor carrying $1000 fine and/or 6 months jail. Please protect your pets and be a voice for those who have none if you see an animal in need. Southern Pines is offering free hay, while supplies last, to anyone who needs it. Please stay safe and warm as the temperature begins to drop this week!

Foster Families Save Lives - Sign Up Today!

Foster families make all the difference for our most in need animals. Whether fostering a litter of puppies or kittens too young to be at the shelter or fostering a puppy or dog waiting for transport - foster families help animals take the time they need to stay healthy and social and happy until they find their forever homes. Foster families not only help their foster animals, but they also create much needed space in our open admission shelter to give other animals a chance to be adopted. If you would like to be a foster and save a life, sign up today! It's fun and easy, plus, we provide everything you need. You can download the foster application here and bring it in to the shelter with you when you're ready to start fostering! Please call 601-544-6632 if you have any questions!